People don’t really care about your brand.

Not one bit.

They don’t care how much effort you’ve put into developing your value proposition or positioning statement. Most people will barely appreciate the fantastic imagery you shot, the crafted designs that adorn your stores, your collateral. If you think they care whether you show the perfect angle or use the most ideal color, think again. They won’t remember your tagline. And most of those that do will think it’s for a completely different company. The majority of all of your marketing and branding efforts fly completely over their heads.

In fact, their brain is actively trying to ignore you (c/o the Reticular Activating System), to tune you out so that it can focus on what it really needs to pay attention.

So why bother?

People care about what they feel like caring about. The things that drive their passions, their desires. Your brand is not a part of that equation.

Unless it is.

If your brand stands for something more than simply a high quality unique product at an affordable price, you may have a chance of building a brand worth caring about (and if you’re not at least that than don’t even bother). If you show up everyday and find new ways to offer more value, you may be able to rise above their attention cloud. If you can become something truly unique, that some people love and some people genuinely hate, maybe people will start to pay attention.

They’re not responsible for paying attention to what you have to say. It’s our responsibility to get them to care.

Focus less on trying to craft the perfect vision of how you want to portray your brand. Focus instead on becoming something worth caring about.