People think in big broad ideas. Regardless of how intricate and seemingly relevant your next campaign is designed to be, most people probably don’t think very much about it. The truth is people tend to think in simple general concepts. This is why developing a persona can be very effective in getting them to understand your brand. But it’s equally important for them to understand how your persona relates to other brands. In essence, we’re all in high school. Who’s the cool kids, the smart ones, the outsiders. They all play an important role. People just need to understand where they stand in all of it. This exercise can help you surmise where you stand and identify your weaknesses, as well as your strengths.

  1. Identify your top 3 competitors.
  2. Develop Personas for each competitor by going through the following basic process:
    • Write 10 adjectives that best describe them
    • Narrow it down to the top 5
    • Write down 7 things that they do that makes people want to buy from them.
    • Narrow them down to 5.
    • Write 5 reasons why a customer would choose them over their competitors.
    • Narrow them down to 3.
    • You now have their Brand Personality, Value Proposition, and Proof Points for each competitor.
  3. Map out 3 strategies on how you can defeat then.