Responsive Advertising

As many of you know, responsive web design is an approach to developing websites that are optimized for various types of viewing formats, such as: desktop browser, tablet, and mobile.  Since websites are viewed on so many of these different size formats it’s ideal that your website’s design can automatically adjust to the format.

Your advertising message could use the same treatment.  There are times when you have a lot of space and time to communicate everything a customer would like to know about your company.  And there are times when you may only have a chance to get few words in.  You should really plan for this by doing this simple exercise in Responsive Advertising.

Value Proposition (full sentence)

Basically, your elevator pitch.  There are various formats for value propositions out there.  I tend to like this straightforward one:

We provide [product/service] for [target audience] who are looking for [need], and unlike [competitor(s)], we [differentiation].

Tagline (short phrase)

How would you describe your value proposition or mission in a short phrase?  This doesn’t necessarily need to be an official tagline you place under your logo.  But it should be a phrase that is memorable and unique to your company and can be incorporated into various messaging opportunities.

Positioning (3 words max)

What are the 3 most critical words you want people to remember your brand for.  Remember it’s rare that multiple competitors within a category can truly “own” the same word.  Do think hard about what you do best at.

Download this Responsive Advertising exercise diagram and try it for yourself.