The 2000 Year Old Man (by Mel Brooks): Don’t run after a bus. There’ll be another.  

We sometimes get caught up chasing after trends.

Some trends shape the marketplace. Online shopping. Social media.

While some trends are just fads. Remember when everybody put QR codes on their ads?

And some trends never come to pass. Weren’t TV commercials supposed disappear like 10 years ago because of the Internet?

It’s not vitally critical for you to develop a Pokemon GO strategy. If you want to try it out and experiment, go for it. But don’t displace your core marketing communications plan.

When you’re constantly chasing after the quick win, the magic bullet that is supposed to solve everything, you end up with a bunch of half-executed tactics, which does nothing to build your brand.

Focus on the fundamentals first. When you do that remarkably, then go set up your lures.

Don’t run after every marketing trend. There’ll be another.