Marketing Trinity

Here’s a new framework for thinking about your marketing.  It’s called the Marketing Trinity.

There are primarily 3 overall forces that affect your marketing planning efforts:

Objective: If you don’t have clear identifiable objectives for your marketing, you don’t really have a plan.  Objectives are usually increasing awareness or sales.  But it could also be increasing engagement or changing perceptions.  Whatever it is, you need to know specifically what you’re trying to accomplish.

Target: Your target audience is also obviously a key force in your marketing.  Who are you specifically trying to reach?  Don’t say, “everybody.”  That’s a copout.  There are tons of people who don’t really need your product or at the very least who you don’t want as customers.  Do you want people who will constantly complain and tie up your customer service?  Do you want people whose expectations are way too high for your price point? Really think about who you actually want to attract.

Brand: Your brand is the final piece in the puzzle.  What is your value proposition?  What does your company stand for?  How do you want to be known?

Each of these forces are connected through the following relationships:

  • Tactics: What are the specific actions your brand must take in achieving your objectives?
  • Experience: How does your target audience interact with your tactics?
  • Perception: What does your target audience think about your brand?

Map out each of your forces and relationships in the Marketing Trinity and you’ll get a clearer picture of whether you’re on the right track.