All ads — no matter whether it’s a TV spot, a print ad, a billboard or a Facebook sponsored post — are vehicles to communicate a message for a company. The most effective ads compel people to do an action that the company wants them to do. That could be going to a website to learn more, come down to the store, or make a phone call.

Here are five questions that every ad should answer for the recipient.

1. Why should I care?
This is the price of entry. If your ad doesn’t clearly show why your target should care about going further, it really doesn’t matter how creative it is.

2. What’s in it for me?
Next, you have to tell people the benefit they receive from your product.

3. How is it different than competitors or other alternatives?
This is the key to compelling people to buy from your company instead of others. It’s not enough for people to know that you have a good product. You need to give them a reason to specifically go to you.

4. What are the reasons they should believe you?
How can you show them they should trust you? Do you have certifications, awards, or testimonials that show you’re uniquely qualified to provide the best product for them?

5. What should they do next?
This is the “call to action.” It could be a website, phone number or store address. You need to inform people clearly what they should do if they were interested in what this ad had to say.

You can use the form at the download link below to see if your advertising answers all of these basic questions.

Download the “5 questions every ad should answer” worksheet

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